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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 10, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> thanks, andy. thank you to angela. bill shultz, you are a terrible human being. please come back, larry. always a joy. i'm gre >> geraldo: live and at large this is a fox news alert. they are cheering, dancing and spraying champagne on each other and no, this is not the baseball playoffs. this celebration 2,000 people below the surface is by the 33 miners trapped in the deep dark chamber for 66 long and agonizing days. and though they are not yet on their way to the surface with their families and rescue workers are also jumping for joy tonight chanting and waving the flag. everyone is filled with joy over today's dramatic breaktrue. the drill by has been boring the hole through which the stranded miners will be pulled to the surface has finally broken through the ceiling of
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their undergroundburbergpergut. they will probably start being pulled out on thursday. it is ready for rescue without the need for more than just a few hundred feet of reenforcing with steel pipes. they will begin to pull them out wednesday. thwith the happy news, cecelia lagos joins us live. is the reaction to the news, first of all, that the shaft is complete, it does not need to be reenforced the entire length with that steel piping and that the workers will be pulled out beginning wednesday? what is the reaction in the rest of the nation?
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>> reporter: well, hello, geraldo. good evening. well, the reaction has been of absolute relief in the whole country and i know in the rest of the world it is important, too, for many, many people. we are absolutely enjoying this moment because it has been awaited for so long and it has come much before than we expected actually. >> geraldo: right, everyone was saying maybe by the christmas holidays and here it is just a few days away. i understand before the miners will be pulled up they are going to lower down a paramedic and mine rescue expert. why are they doing that? do you know why they are lowering people into the chamber before they start pulling people up? >> well, first of all, to see how are they doing. i mean how they are doing i'm sorry. it is really important to check on them to check out their
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state of mind tortion lower their anxiety, that is really important to see first hand good shapere all in food shape to be rescued and pulled up. i think it is important for them to have the support other than themselves. that is why they are getting those people down there. >> geraldo: now, the whole event will be covered obviously on live television. there are going to be scores of crews from chile and the four corners of the planet. this will be a big, big event. will it be almost a national holiday in chile come wednesday? >> probably. there are already more than 600 journalists with credentials in the camp hope so we are expecting something really, really big as some people are calling it a reality show, something seem similar to big
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brother but we already know that this has caused a lot of expectation around the world and, of course, we have media from all over the world not only from chile. >> geraldo: cecelia, good luck to you will of us escape escap. now, to politics. the surprise winner of the 2012 presidential straw poll at the virginia tea party patriots convention in richmond. roll the drums, there really was one. it is new jersey governor chris christy who won with 14% of the vote beating even sarah palin who polled at 13.5. congressman ron paul who was down there at the tea party patriot convention, 12.5%. newt gingrich, 8.4. south carolina senator jim demint at 7.3. several others in the running there. interviewed after the poll,
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christie denied that he is running for the oval office. how are the tea party candidates faring after some of them had a rocky couple of weeks? >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you have heard. i'm you. >> th you're me? because i don't recall the last time i had to deny i was a witch. >> that's kristine o'donnell the republican candidate for senator in delaware. currently 16 points down in the polls because because she giveth the type of judgment that has her denying she is a witch while standing by what appears to be steam from a bubbling cauldoon. where are we going to shoot the commercial where she denies she
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is a witch? elvira's set is available. >> geraldo: kristine o'donnell is trailing badly her opponent congressman chris coons. big double-double digits. frankask the pollster, luntz is in orlando and matt kick by president and ceo of freedom works out of washington, d.c. let me ask frank, if i may, our colleague. to the premise of this, kristine o'donnell is a candidate who in ordinary times might not even have a chance. she has a chance, she beat the long-term delaware politician castle and everybody expected him to win and wanted him and
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the establishment to win. christine o'donnell won. can she recover let's talk her race? >> you have to look at the whole picture. colorado the tea party candidate is leading by five points voter democratic opponent. in alaska the lead is 10-12 points. even in nevada against the senate majority leader sharron angle is dead even or two points ahead. what you are seeing nationwide is the desire for change and a focus on the future and this effort, what i find interesting about it is that it is not a republican effort, not even a conservative effort. it is a group of people that have come together that aren't organized in any political party. frankly, their organization is a mess and yet they have unified around candidates -- what is the issue, i know the
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big picture. here you have a candidate becoming laughingstock. we can get into the paldino situation later. is that hurting those that have a legitimate shot? >> you just mentioned rand paul who is in the lead. each of the states are voting on campaign issues and each of the campaigns is its own individual situation. when o'donnell won that election in delaware, i agree, i thought her ad was ineffective. it did not do well to open that way but that energized voters across the country that someone who does come from the outside has a chance in the election cycle. i was involved in 1994 and i saw this wave coming and this is exactly the same thing where those candidates or the seemingly the most unlikely are the ones that actually get pushed over the top because so many americans want to vote for a change. >> geraldo: let's take a look
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at new york. go to matt. here you have paladino who was trailing by 33 points and closed it to 18.8 points in the last month, trailing andrew cuomo the state's attorney general. but matt, carl paladino has been exposed as coming from the lunatic fringe. will that hurt other tea party candidates across the country? >> they are trying to nationalize the weakest so-called tea party candidates across all of the races. >> geraldo: good point. >> that is not the going play. in nevada, the voters in nevada want to know about what we are going to do about the size of government and the government takeover of healthcare, what we are going to do about the deficit and harry reid doesn't want to talk about those issues because he is fundamentally weak on those issues.
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i don't see the problems in delaware, the problems in new york. to me, the interesting story here is that new york is in play. where did that come from? it came from because of this wave that frank luntz is talking about. there is a wave of independents frustrated new voters coming to the polls on november 2 and i predict that this wave is going to be much bigger than 1994. >> geraldo: bigger than '94. it may be and i don't know but i think that paladino will lose badly in new york and o'donnell will lose badly in delaware. i totally believe that sharron angle has a shot against the majority leader of the united states senate and that is a big, big headline. hope to have you guys more as we get closer to the election now less than three weeks away. coming up at the bottom of the hour, live when the new joint russian space crew arrives at the international space station. we are also live with tiffany young hartley who will join us
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along with her missing husband david's mom to talk about some of the questions raised. plus, the long island lolita is back. she is naked. kimberly guilfoyle will grill amy on her new career as a porn star. and a don't miss celebration of john lennon's 70th birthday with his original band in our
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>> geraldo: it was so interesting i couldn't let them go. frank luntz on your left, the famed pollster. matt on your right. i didn't know about your background as an economics expert although it is logical in the leadership role that you have assumed in the movement. although i know there are no movements and i know that you pride yourself on a lack of structure. but, in retrospect, is the lack of structure and as frank describes some of the organizations existing not even on paper is that a disadvantage
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and a detriment to the tea party candidates even as it is an advantage in terms of spontaneity and the uniqueness of some of these candidates. >> i think there is a lot more power in the chaos that frank is describing. we call it beautiful chaos and it reminds me very much of the market process where you have all the dispai disparate indivs coming together and producing something bigger than you could ever do from a top down hierarchy and that is the power of the tea party leaderless movement and if you tried to organize it and put someone in charge of it you would lose that power and maybe you have missteps along the way but the fact of the matter is you are playing in states across the country that republicans could never play in before because there is a focus on fiscal issues, because there is a focus on freedom and government discipline that we haven't seen at least since '94.
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but the movement is more organic. >> geraldo: it is definitely more organic than the newt gingrich led movement back in '94. but frank, you have a situation here, you are hearing a lot of rumbling from the democrats and the left that they are getting energized and mobilized and that the examples that they are and the ridicule being directed at candidates like o'donnell and the -- and paladino here in new york is finally getting the left, the progressive so called the democrats up off their butts and thinking maybe we should vote here. do you think there is a chance of a counterwave? >> i don't. it is very dangerous for a pollster to make projections with you i firmly believe statistically proven that the republicans will win the majority in the house and i'm watching some of the states. washington state, wisconsin, republicans are up in indiana. they are keeping all the states that they hold right now. the change is significant and i
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don't see when you have got a
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>> geraldo: they came to john's adopted town today. tens of thousands. young and old. converging on new york central park in honor of lennon's 70th birthday. ♪ >> geraldo: of the many tributes held this is the peace and love celebration in sa strawberry field. john's memorial just lock blocs from where he was murdered 30 years ago. today was about john's life, not his death. >> i'm joined by barton lewis,
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a historian and also a beatles expert and a man hoping on this kind of reunion tour. martin, are you surprised with the vast outpouring and attention being paid to john's 70th? >> not surprised but really pleased. for many days people focused on the sad day in december, just one little moment and this is focusing on the life and legacy and the music. >> geraldo: among the aspects of his life being remembered is his rocky childhood explored in a new film. >> this just opened this weekend and i saw yoko last weekend and she sent her love, i said i was coming to see you. she explained it this shows john as a young boy in formation and we see what is happening to him and what influences him and affects him. he wasn't the first kid to come from a broken home and won't be the last but he took the pain and anguish and put it into something positive. >> geraldo: also part of the festivities, a new documentary. being screened tonight in central park, the film includes the inside scoop on the benefit
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concert that was to be lennon's last. >> in 1972, john and i watched a very moving investigative geraldo rivera on thelarge" on conditions in willowbrook state muchl which needed many improvement. we felt compelled to organize a benefit concert at madison square garden called one to one which promoted world peace. >> i was a local news man and in january 197 1972 yoko tellse she and john had been watching my coverage of the awful conditions and that they wanted to get involved and maybe they could do something. >> it was an amazing event and brought attention to the people who really needed our help. geraldo became a good friend to us from that time. >> geraldo: i was proud to play a small part in john's last
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fully rehearsed concert that he did as a benefit for the mentally retarded here in the state. >> that wasn't a small part. that was a major part. john counted you as a friend and yoko counted you as a friend. you got john to do the concert. it was the only full-length concert he ever did as a solo artist. still the best record of john of that era. i was watching a film the other day and i thought i saw a glimpse of what he was going to become and he has got this energy inside him and he is upset about things and puts it into a positive message and when you encountered him and asked him to do that concert that is what comes to fruition when you got him to do that concert. >> geraldo: also happening another concert featuring the original band before he teamed up with george harrison and ultimately the irrepressible ringo star to join the beatles. that band was the quarrymen who
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gave us a preview of the benefit earlier today. welcome to new york. how do you feel being here on this big birthday. >> having a good time and we will have more of a good time tonight. we have been up to strawberry fields and there are lots of people simming there and celebrating john's -- people singing there and celebrating john's life and his music. >> geraldo: i can't believe he would have been 70 years old. i guess i look in the mirror and i say oh, that's right. >> i know the feeling. i'm nearly 72. there you go. >> geraldo: how do you feel rocking out at 72? >> pretty good. >> geraldo: now, with john is it true that he was a rascal even air early on? >> he was a little bit of a rascal but nothing too serious really. >> geraldo: are you surprised how contemporary the music still seems and how energized and enthused the fans are on his birthday? >> surprised in a way but when
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you listen to the music and the music of today i don't believe there is any comparison. >> geraldo: and on this birthday give us something to commemorate the 70th right now? what is it going to be? >> "in my life." >> geraldo: "in my life." that's good. take it away. ♪ there are places i remember all my life ♪ ♪ some have changed ♪ some forever, not for better ♪ ♪ some have gone and some remain ♪ ♪ all these places have the moments that lovers and friends i still can recall ♪ ♪ some are dead and some are
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living ♪ ♪ in my life i've loved them all ♪ ♪ but of all these friends and lovers there is no one compared with you ♪ ♪ and i the memories lose their meaning when i think of all the songs with you ♪ ♪ and i know i will never lose affection for people and things ♪ ♪ i know i i try to think about them ♪ ♪ but my love, i loved you more ♪ ♪ but in our lives we loved you
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more ♪ happy birthday, john. >> geraldo: happy birthday, john. all right, folks, coming up, here she is. tiffany young hartley will join us along with her missing husband david's parents as we investigate what really happened when the couple jet keyed on the dangerous lake on the tex mex border and kimberly guilfoyle interviews the long islandúk to "geraldo at
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large." >> you know what the reality is? >> what. >> i think i spoke without thinking. >> you're in the porn industry? >> i guess you could call it that. >> i was very nervous but i overcame my nervousness and -- >> how did you do that? enjoying it? >> i took my clothes off. >> well, now after promising she would never do it amy has become a full fledged porn star signing a deal for eight triple x rated movies. amy joins us in the studio. become to the program. people know you before, the long island lolita now grown up and working in adult entertainment. what made you decide to get back into the adult
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entertainment business? >> i had one of those celebrity sex tapes i guess that is what they call them back in 2007 and it did really well and once one of those tapes does well all the adult entertainment companies come and make offers to you and at some point it just sounded like a really good idea. a lot of people might say porn that is not a good idea. for me it worked. my logic is live and let live. i'm happy and doing my thing and if people like adult entertainment they will like my dvd. if they don't like adult entertainment then it will repulse you. >> what about people that say you wanted to get the notoriety and bet in front of the camera and have that sensational lifestyle again? >> people say a lot of different things, good, bad, indifferent. it is a business. i formed my own corporation and partnered and we put out product and that is all it is about. if you like me i'm happy.
4:33 am
everybody likes to be liked. if people don't like me, they don't like me, so. >> you are a mother. two children? >> three. we added one. >> how do you feel about that being a mother working in the industry? people want to know that. do you worry about the impression that it might leave on your children or setting a bad example? >> absolutely not. i don't worry about that at all. i love my children and my children love me. in fact, most women in the porn industry actually do have children and they have relationships, husbands, boy friends, whatever it is. they are able to keep their lives private. me not so much but my children have nothing to do with my career. i love them. they are stable, they are happy and i have a good family. >> do you feel that what you are doing is something artistic and perhapses that you have a natural ability for it? >> i think we all have a natural ability for that deep down. i truly believe this is america, we are allowed to do what we want to do and this is my choice to do and i do
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entertain a lot of people. i have a lot of fans. of course, i have a lot of people that aren't my fans but again, it is a great world we live in and, you know, it is what it is. >> do you think this is helping you move forward in your life to put the past behind you, everything about being the long island lolita. >> i hate that phrase. it is something i just have to live with. the media likes to dub that upon me. so i just make the best of it. again, i'm just -- i have already moved forward a long time ago. it is the mainstream media that doesn't move forward. >> do you feel that you feel comfortable, confident you have moved forward and you don't have any kind of ill feelings about what happened in the past? >> i concentrate on today and my career and what i'm doing. like i said, i had a lot of fans and people that like me and they like me because they feel, you know, i do a good job at what i do. this is a career and, you know, i'm doing really, really well with it. >> this is the first film
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released deep inside amy fisher of the eight picture series. >> it is doing really, really well. better than you would think. if you read mainstream media you would think it is not doing well. it is doing phenomenally well. all the people it that say they don't buy it they secretly buy it. >> and another one coming out at christmas. >> before christmas. >> before christmas. >> we need a stocking stuffer. >> oh, boy, quite a stocking stuffer, indeed. geraldo, back to you. >> geraldo: people who say they don't buy it buy it to quote amy fisher. here at home the disappearance of a 30-year-old colorado man allegedly shot in the head by mexican pirates as his horrified wife looked on created nonstop speculation about what happened. if he was murdered where is his body and where is the jet key. has his wife told us the truth about the facts and circumstances of david's disappearance? now, as news breaks of a secret
4:36 am
meeting between mexican officials and the family of day visit hartley and before we -- david hartley and before we meet them live, brother craig traveled to falcon lake to investigate the troubling case? >> are you sure that your husband got shot? >> the disappearance of david hartley last week on the mexican border here in texas has become an international incident. >> i'm here with the county sheriff ziggy gonzalez, jr. this isn't the first time that a boater has run into trouble here, is it. in. >> no, it is not. it happened in april. happened in may. happened unfortunately in the last weeks. >> hartley's wife says the couple were riding jet keys back from mexico on september 30 when they were attacked by mexican pirates in speed boats. it has happened before. >> your speculation is that the couple inadvertently ran into drug dealers patrolling their area? style magazine they were in an area -- they were in an area
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known to be a stronghold for where they are holding their drugs. according to the sheriff the couple videotaped earlier during a traffic stop which con first ladied there were two jet keys ventured three miles into mexico to take photos of a sub merged church and there they struggled into the mexican drug war. >> many people are skeptical that this is a dangerous area at least the locals told me and they don't understand why people would venture into this area and take risks. >> she said maybe it was my fault because we went over there. and, of course, i told her it is not her fault. people make wrong decisions at different times in their lives. >> an eyewitness has also come forward. >> i see this jet ski headed towards me and there was this boat behind it and as soon as it starts heading towards me i
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notice the boat turned around and started heading out. >> the sheriff says drug cartels use the lake on a daily basis to smuggle people and drugs with scouts on both sides of the border stopping them is nearly impossible as we saw firsthand. >> i see the marker here coming up on our port side. is that marker an indication of the mexican american board. that is the international line. we cannot pass over to the other side. >> texas parks and wildlife fernandoe cervantes escorted te family to it the area where tiffany says david was shot. on patrol, we notice a mexican vessel in u.s. waters. a pursuit proved fruitless when the vessel floats back across the board. that is mexican boat coming from u.s. waters, captain. can you go after them? >> if that was coming out of u.s. waters, no, we could not. we have to stop at the line.
4:39 am
>> since being criticized by texas governor rick perry and others mexican authorities have escalated the search efforts. according to sheriff ziggy they are simply outdone. >> are the boats searching for david? >> the mexican military is in there and there is going to be a gun battle we want to see who have coming over here to look for refuge. by the same token we also understand that the thugs already stated that they will not retreat and they will take on the military. >> geraldo: they have been taking on the military over mexico. 30,000 dead there. i get from the vibe of your piece that you believe tiffany? >> i do believe from a number of things that she told the sheriff. the way she described the shooting incident matched to a tee the previous incidents in april and may and there were no public reports about the incidents. the blood on the vest matched -- on her life jacket matched her description of
4:40 am
trying to take her 250-pound husband on to the jet ski. the family members say they were a happy couple and they weren't in any financial distress and they had weren't drug dealers. the sheriff believes they were involved in violence. >> random -- not random, wrong place wrong time victims. we will hear from tiffany ;7artley and from david's
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>> are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes, he was in, yeah. >> was he thrown out of the jet ski that he is in the water some place. he was off the jet key and i couldn't pick him up to get him on mine.
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>> were you shot at on the mexican side or the usa side? >> yes. >> it was the mexican side? did you see anybody? >> there was three boats. >> to septical reporters like me her story seemed far fetched. why would mexican drug cartel attack the american couple? there was an insurance policy? is he really dead? would tiffany take a lie detector test? hard questions 86 know. things do seem to have turned around for embattled tiffany young and with her missing spouse's mom pam hartley by her side tiffany joins kimberly and me and craig from an undisclose the location in south, texas. welcome both of you. my condolences to both of you. tiffany you have answered the questions so often. i have seen you on various programs on this and other
4:45 am
networks, i just want you to tell me now that you have been telling but anything else you want to update? did it happen exactly as you told authorities. in is there anything you would like to do to amend the story you have told so far, tiffany? >> i stand on what i have told you. everything i have said is 110% true. there is nothing else hiding from there. i have spoken the truth and i am holding -- i mean i can't tell anybody else what else happened because i am telling everything that i can. >> geraldo: is david dead, tiffany? >> i truly believe that, yes. >> geraldo: did he sink to the bottom? what happened when slipped from your grasp? >> when i haded to leave him behind he was shot in the head and he had a life vest on so he was floating on the top of the
4:46 am
water. >> geraldo: and i can't imagine what that must have been like when you turned around. i know you said god told you to turn around but just describe briefly if you can what that moment was like, the moment where you had to let him go? >> awful. because i knew i had to leave him in mexico waters and there was -- i couldn't get him up. i couldn't get him on my ski. i couldn't help him. just like any other wife or husband, just the feeling that you can't help them and that you have to leave them behind and knowing you may never see them again. >> geraldo: why, tiffany there? why were you there? >> because my husband wanted to get photos of the church. he loved history. that is -- he talked about it all the time to me and other friends of his he had talked about it. it was something that he wanted to do before we left.
4:47 am
>> and pam, you are in this awful situation where standing by your daughter in law means you are admitting to yourself and to your soul and your husband and your family that your son is dead? >> i believe everything tiffany has said. if you knew her, there would be no doubt. i mean it is -- technically she is my daughter in law, but i think of her as my daughter. >> tiffany, i have a question for you. did you at all discuss with your husband that perhapses it might be dangerous to go into the area because there have been previous reports of americans running into trouble there, having encounters with gang members in that area. >> we did discuss it. i asked him even before the week when was talking about it if that was safe because we had heard about the pirates.
4:48 am
and we hadn't heard anything lately and he hadn't seen anything on the news lately so he assured me that it would be fine. but we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> geraldo: and you say there were three vessels. were they -- did they seem to be acting in concert? do you think this was an organized criminal action or was it just three boat loads of punks looking to score a jet ski from american tourities who came too close to them? >> i think that when we came by and were heading to the church they had spotted us and they came to check us out and, yeah, our jet skis are very fast, both of them, david's was faster than mine. maybe they would have just if we stopped maybe they would have just taken the jet skis.
4:49 am
i don't know what they would have done. maybe they would have killed us both. i can't tell you. >> what would you say to the people how were you able to escape if they were fire is at you that you weren't injured in any way? >> i can't explain it except that god was protecting me. david put himself in between me and the other boats and maybe shelters were just shooting to scare us. i don't know. all i can tell you is that i truly believe in my heart my husband was protecting me and god was protecting me. that is all i can explain. >> geraldo: we will have much more after this. the congressman from that district will be joining us live as well. and pam, i have to ask you about this secret meeting with mexican officials on the peace bridge. let's do that right after the shorñ÷
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the lake is safe on the u.s. side. and we discourage anybody to go beyond that border. we were on the lake yesterday. i'm always on the lake and it is just as safe now as it was any other time. however, there is a threat. there is a drug war going on in mexico and there is a threat of violence as we have encountered. >> geraldo: kimberly craig and i continuing with tiffany hartley and with pam the mom of david her missing husband and we are joined by the congressman who represents the district where this unfortunate incident happened.
4:54 am
congress mapp, welcome to the program. i want to come right back to you. i have a question first for mom. pam, tell -- was there, indeed, a meeting between you and mexican officials discussing -- >> yes, there was. >> geraldo: and what did you discuss on that meeting on the bridge? >> well, i'm encouraged that there is discussion going on between the u.s. and mexico and i'm -- i hope and i pray that there is more communication and more support and we just need to bring david home. >> geraldo: congressman, a well respected member of the house of representatives, have you spoken to mexican officials? what do you think of the saga as it has unfolded? >> yes, and thank you very much. first of all, my condolences to the family. my brother who is a sheriff in webb county which is the county
4:55 am
next to zapata put a meeting together because he was a state trooper for many years where he worked narcotics and intelligence. he developed this network with people across the river. and therefore he put this meeting because there was talk about what were the mexicans doing to search for the body. so he put this meeting in texas with the family and with the mexican officials so they can talk about what efforts and there is pictures available of what they have been working. i myself have talked to the mexican ambassador twice and my office has done that on numerous times. i encouraged the mexican ambassador to do the right as fast as possible. they actually had about three or four boats out there searching about 80 acres of water, two helicopters, about 60 people law enforcement which is federal law enforcement officials and the military also
4:56 am
to search for this body. when the couple went over, they crossed the border and went about four or five miles inside mexican territory. the city that got covered when they built the falcon lake dam back there in 1954. after they were chased my understanding from the sheriff they were four or five miles inside mexican territory when they got shot at they were about two and a half miles still inside the mexican territory. so, it is important to look at those facts and, you know, the place where they were at has a lot of historical value and i assume that is why they were there according to what the family has said. >> what about, congressman, the fact that if the body had a life jacket on it presumably unless someone took it away with that much intensive searching someone presumably would have found it.
4:57 am
it would still we in whatever state and i hate to even go into things like that with our other guests. >> a couple of days ago i put together with a couple other of my colleagues a couple other congressmen, we put in a meeting together of law enforcement officials, state, local, federal officials which included the fbi, the ice, border patrol, coast guard and other officials. >> geraldo: and the result of the meeting? >> well, you know, a couple of things. one, we wanted to make sure that we were doing working with the mexicans to make sure that search was being done. i did ask this question and i said, you know, because this is a question that the media has been asked. i asked all the law enforcement officials over there. >> geraldo: and quickly the answer. >> based on the information that you have is there something that will question the story and the information they have they are basing it that that is what happened at that time.
4:58 am
>> geraldo: that tiffany is telling the truth, is that the conclusion that tiffany is telling the truth? >> the conclusion is based on the information that they have that is what @
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